3 Questions To Ask: Your Videographer

In helping each of my couples prepare for consultations with their prospective vendors, I often give them a list of questions to ask. While there are so many things they can ask each vendor, I do my best to give them the 3 most important questions to make sure to have answered.

So today, I'm going to share the 3 questions you should ask a videographer when trying to decide if they are the right fit for you and your wedding!

How do you shoot the ceremony without being distracting to us and our guests?

The last thing you want during your ceremony is to constantly have a camera or a microphone in your face. You want to be in the moment, taking your vows, and promising forever to each other. Likewise, you don't want your guests being distracted by your videographer or trying to see around them while they're in the middle of your ceremony. It's important that your videographer know how to get the best shot, without being the main attraction during your ceremony.

Have you worked alongside a photographer before?

There are so many moving parts on a wedding day... it's vital that the group of vendors you hire work together like a well-oiled machine. Especially when it comes to your photographer and videographer. These two vendors will be spending the most time with you on your wedding day, both trying to get the perfect shot to capture your perfect day. If they aren't careful, they could figuratively {and literally} end up tripping over each other. So it's important that they work well together, respect each other's craft and space, and do whatever they can to document your memories in an unobtrusive way.

Can I see one of your recent wedding videos?

All wedding vendors {photographers, videographers, florists, etc} are constantly honing their skills and evolving in their craft. How their work presents today does not look the same as it did even a year ago. To make sure their style is the right fit for your wedding day, you should always ask to see samples of their recent work. Also, feel free to ask for references from couples they worked with over the past year or so.

A big thank you to Justin from Gibby Visuals for helping to educate me a bit on wedding videography!! Go check out his work if you're looking for a videographer for your big day!

And a little piece of bonus advice, pertaining to all your wedding vendors: It's so important to establish a connection with each of the individuals that will be contributing to your big day. You'll spend a lot of time communicating with them leading up to your wedding and it's imperative that you mesh well with them. If at all possible, always request a consultation before booking a vendor based solely on what you see on their website and social media.