JDE Promo Video: Styled Shoot

Hey ya'll! So, you may have heard me talk a bit lately about the JDE Promo Video. I'm so excited to be taking that step for my little business. The finished product will launch later this year and I'm super thankful for the amazing team that's helping me to pull it off! The video is being filmed by Justin from Gibby Visuals and I'm not sure he knew what he was signing up for working with me. I'm pretty much terrified of being on camera, but he's made the whole thing super fun so far!

When thinking about what I wanted to incorporate into the video, I knew I wanted to have a styled shoot showcased. Styled shoots, regardless of how big or small they end up being, are always such a blast to orchestrate! And one of the best parts about styled shoots is getting to work with so many of my favorite vendors. Each one of them always bring their A-game to the table and knock the vision for the shoot out of the park! We chose Cedar Hall Farms in Virginia Beach as the venue and I'm 100% obsessed with that place. There are beautiful barns, plenty of sweet horses, and the fluffiest little puppies I've ever seen!

My super talented #vendorsoulmate Liz from Elizabeth Henson Photos photographed the whole thing and, as usual, I was so thankful to have her there. She and I have knocked out some seriously fun projects together in the past. The very first styled shoot I ever did was with her and it was definitely what got me hooked on them to begin with. Actually, the first big project Liz & I worked on together was her promo video back in 2014, so it was pretty fitting to have her on board for mine 3 years later! Thanks for helping to document the day Liz! These behind-the-scenes pictures may be some of my favorite to date!

I also enlisted the help of my sweet friend Julia from Waters Edge Design. Julia is legitimately one of the best stylists I've ever had the opportunity of working with. I usually give her just a few words to describe what I'm going for, and she immediately blows me away with what she brings to the table. This time, she brought the literal table, as well as the most amazing depression glass dishes to go with the color scheme I wanted to pull off. And did I mention she hand-made the watercolor linens? Yeah....she's incredible. Julia, thanks for never thinking my ideas are crazy and for always making me want to be better.

Then we move on to the cake and the invitation suite. Here's another example of vendors that I swear have a direct line of sight into my brain. Even when I don't know what aesthetic I'm actually going for with a shoot, Rosalie from Ro & Co Paper and Design and Rachel from Rachel Bakes pull everything together perfectly. It amazes me every single time how well they can each pull a vision out of me that I didn't even really know was there....and then bring it to life with their crafts. I'm so lucky to get to refer them to my couples for their wedding days!

I was so excited that Corey from C&J Floral Design was available to contribute to the shoot. Corey has always delivered such incredible florals to my couples and I knew she'd do the same for this! I wanted simple, neutral beauty and her bouquet was exactly that. I mean come on....those roses were to die for!!! Thank you Corey!

And I definitely can't forget to mention the beauty team that glammed Rosalie up {as if she needs any help!} and made me feel confident about being in front of the camera. Elizabeth from Dhalia Edwards' team and Stephanie from Stephanie Michelle Hair are so fantastic!! We had the best time hanging out in the studio with them while they dolled us up. I think I tell them every time I'm there that, once I win the lottery, I'm making them my personal glam squad to get me ready every single morning. There's nothing like a pretty hair style and some fierce lashes to make you ready to take on the day!

When planning the shoot, I knew I wanted simple beauty, nothing extravagant or too trendy. And I wanted watercolors. Those were my only requests. This incredible team helped me bring that vision to life in a way I didn't even expect. Thank ya'll so much for being the very best and for playing a part in my promo video! Working in this industry has brought me some of the most amazing friends and I couldn't be more thankful! Love you all to pieces!

Justin even let me try out his camera...I think it's called a Glidecam?? Holy cow those things are a lot heavier than they look! I think I'm a long ways from becoming a videographer. I'll leave that to the professionals for sure!

Ok so I told you there would be puppies! We were in the middle of shooting and Julia, always a lover of anything with four legs, squealed louder than I've ever heard before, threw her phone, and dashed across the yard. That was a result of three adorably fluffy, 8 week old Border Collie puppies coming to visit us. Totally made our day a thousand times better than it already was! I mean hello....beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress, holding the sweetest dog ever? PURE GOLD!