Cedar Hall Farms Styled Shoot

One of my favorite things to do, outside of coordinating beautiful wedding days for my clients, is helping my vendor pals put together shoots and workshops. I have some friends in this industry that have such a heart for education and I always have the best time watching them spill their knowledge and experience onto others. There's a lot of emphasis on community in the wedding industry, and I love watching my people really be about that life.

My #vendorsoulmate Liz, from Elizabeth Henson Photos, put together an invitational photography workshop last month and asked that I put together a small styled shoot for the attendees to practice on. For it being about 25 degrees all day, this was easily one of my favorite shoots ever.

You might recognize that super gorgeous couple as JDE bride and groom Julia & Justin. They just got married in October and Julia was so pumped for the opportunity to get back in her dress already!

I also got to try my hand at bouquet making. While I don't hate how it turned out, I definitely think I'll be sticking to the planning and leaving the flowers to my friends with greener thumbs.

Special thanks so the awesome vendors that helped bring all this together. You guys are amazing!!

Venue: Cedar Hall Farms  //  Cupcakes: Rachel Bakes  //  Signage & Invitations: HyHopes Natural Creations  //  Makeup: Dhalia Edwards - Elizabeth  //  Hair: Hair by Stephanie B

#AdventuresofLizandHolly - Richmond Road Trip

Happy Friday ya'll!!!  We've made it through another awesome week.  Woo!

Last week, Liz & I took a little road trip up to our state's capital to visit some friends, eat lots of yummies, and check out what the city has to offer the wedding industry.  We're always hearing lots of amazing things about RVA and all the incredible vendors in the area, and we couldn't wait to check them out for ourselves.  So, off we went.

Our sweet friend Julia of Water's Edge Design is based in Richmond, so she was gracious enough to hang out for the day and play tour guide.  I just love any opportunity to spend time with her.  She's so positive all the time and really motivates me to live a happier life.  Not only that, she's crazy talented at what she does and I'm just so happy that she's joined the wonderful world of weddings and now I can call hanging out with her "work".  <3

First on the list was brunch.  Because we're three girls that love.to.eat.  And eat we did!  If you're ever in Richmond and have a hankering for biscuits and gravy, you absolutely without a doubt have to check out Strawberry Street Cafe.  Holy goodness.  We were absolutely blown away by how amazing this food was.  And we needed a nap immediately following our meal.  Hello food coma!  Bonus: There was also a sickeningly adorable American pit bull puppy outside the Cafe when we left and we got to love all over him.  I'm pretty sure we all squealed and cooed over him enough to burn off some of those calories.  I wish I could have brought sweet Iggy home to be #ourboywyatt's new friend.

Right next door to Strawberry Street Cafe was the cutest flower shop I've ever seen.  Strawberry Fields: Flowers and Finds was such a treat for us.  Liz couldn't stop snapping away with her camera, documenting how adorable everything was.  Julia couldn't stop chatting with the sweet shop keeper.  And I couldn't stop saying "OMG I love this" about literally everything on the shelves.  I'm not even close to joking.  The fact that we ever made it out of there is a miracle.  And I cannot wait to go back!  If you're ever in the area and need something floral and stunning, or just want to stop in to smell all their incredible candles, check them out.  You won't be disappointed.

Next door to that {I think Strawberry Street is my new favorite place in the whole world, seriously} was the Richmond Wedding Collective.  I've been dying to check this place out and meet the amazing team behind the name.  Sadly, we caught them on a day when the shop was closed and could only peak in their incredible window and swoon over everything we saw.  Next time, I'm coordinating my visit with their office hours for sure!

We finally decided to venture away from Strawberry Street and jumped in the car for some sight seeing.  Julia led us to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and, even though we didn't go inside, Liz and I were smitten.  It probably helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous for our walk around the city, but come on....this place is incredible.  Everything was so pretty and unique.  I could have sat out there with a book hours.  But....there was more of the city to see!  So off we went.

We had told some other vendors in the area that we would be at Shyndigz for a mid-day dessert, but when we arrived, they were closed.  What is it with everyone {slight exaggeration} in Richmond closing in Mondays?!  So instead we ended up at Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe.  And you know what...Pearl sure didn't disappoint.  We each got a different type of cupcake and shared with each other {just like we did for breakfast.  I can't be friends with you if you won't share your food with me}.  I'm not usually a sweets person at all.  Unless we're talking about a still-gooey brownie, I'll pass 9 times out of 10.  But these cupcakes were insane.  I may or may not have bought two others to bring home to my guy.  He wasn't sad about it.

Next up, we headed over to Class and Trash to check out Julia's booth and do a little antiquing of our own.  If you've never been antiquing before, it's nothing like what it's made out to be.  I always assumed everything I found would be far too expensive to ever own and {probably} really ugly.  Not true at all.  I've loved both trips I've taken to C&T with Julia and can't wait to go back.  This time around, I left with a custom set of coasters {made by Julia and sold in her Water's Edge Design booth upstairs in C&T} and a set of really pretty corbels that I plan to use as bookends in my new #jdeoffice.  Success!

When we decided to head to Richmond for the day, I asked Liz if she would mind snapping a couple new headshots for me.  I tell you what, having a photog as one of your best friends certainly has it's benefits!  So off we went to a place unlike any I've ever been.  If you're ever in the area, you need to check out the Richmond Mural Project.  This place is incredible.  Anyways, thanks to Liz I now have a couple snazzy new headshots, and Julia does too!  Yayyyy!  So thank you Liz!!  You da bomb!

So that pretty much wrapped up our trip to Richmond.  We headed back to Virginia Beach, got stuck in crazy tunnel traffic {shocker}, had lots of fun chats in the car, and just had an all around great day.  I'm so thankful I have this sweet friend in my life, to talk business & life with, and always have such a great time.  Love you Liz!!!