Getting to Know Elizabeth Henson

Last week, JDE intern, Lauren tagged along on an anniversary shoot with Elizabeth Henson Photos.  After filling a bubble machine, running {literally running} to grab the bouquet and being on veil duty, she sat down with Liz to ask her a few questions!

Sharon Elizabeth Photography

From Lauren: My first impression of Liz is that she's absolutely, unapologetically herself, which I LOVE.  A former art teacher, she's creative, family-oriented and loves donuts.  When she told me Duck Donuts was her chain of choice, I knew she was my kind of person!  Working with her during the photo shoot {read: carrying the veil, running down a hill to get the bouquet, fluffing a ballgown; see also: gopher} taught me a lot in just a little bit of time.  Here's what I learned:

- Liz isn't afraid to be goofy in front of her couples - especially if it means getting smiles and laughs out of them!
- She makes sure to gets a LOT of shots.  She even references couples' Pinterest boards to make sure she gets their "must have" photos.
- Liz is up for literally anything.  At our shoot, she crawled through tall grass and hid behind cattails to get the perfect shot {did I mention there were bugs everywhere?}.
- Liz always knew she wanted to pursue photography.  Ten years after graduating college with a degree in fine arts, she decided to take her photography business full time.
- Her "signature" shot involves lots of snuggling!  Instead of a specific pose, Liz gives a few cues and lets the couple work it out.  She sees what poses they fall into naturally that are also flattering.  From there, she repeats the same cues at different angles.
- She loves photographing people in love.  Her favorite shots to take are romantic shots and details with a lot of negative space {like a bouquet against a wall}.
- Liz's business went full time in three years and continues to flourish.  Her work includes weddings and couples, lifestyle and portraits.
- Her favorite part of a wedding is when the bride is getting ready.  She loves the moment when the bride steps into her gown and her parents see her for the first time.
- In addition to being a photographer, Liz is a wife and mom of two.  How does she juggle it all? She says she tries to "do the best [I] can everyday."  She forgives herself for not accomplishing the world in one day. If an e-mail goes unanswered or the laundry doesn't get folded, it's okay!

Working with Liz {amidst hot temperatures and a "neighborhood" of grasshoppers that made a home in the bride's tulle gown!} showed me what it takes to be a true professional.  Liz is knowledgeable, passionate and incredibly talented at what she does.  I can't wait to work with her again soon!  Check out her stunning work on Instagram, @elizabeth.henson and

Here are just a few of the stunning pictures Liz took at the shoot!