Building my Brand & A Fresh Look for JDE

I’ve mentioned a few times that I decided at the beginning of 2015 that I wanted to be very intentional with my business decisions this year.  I had spent the last 3 years doing things to simply “hold me over”….till I felt more established, till I had more time, till I could justify the expense, etc.  But I realized how much a lot of those fix-for-now decisions were really holding me back from growing as a business.
Example: My website/blog.  Oh boy.  It was ugggggggly.  It just didn’t look professional at all.  In fact, someone in the wedding industry that I respect very, very much told me that it looked more like a hobby blog than a business website.  That was a big wake-up call for me, because I knew it was true!  I knew that my prospective brides were landing on my website looking for their first impression of me and all that Just Dandy Events was about.  And “hobby blog” was not the impression I wanted to give!  So I reached out to the wonderfully talented Tianna of Andrew & Tianna Photography and she helped give my website a much needed face lift.  Liz designed a quick and simple logo for me {I didn’t have one of those yet either}.  And so my new website looked a bit more professional.  I was so proud!!
A few months went by and I decided I needed to up my game.  I needed to really figure out what my brand was.  While I wasn’t completely sure what direction I wanted to go in as far as my branding was concerned, I knew that I wanted it to reflect me and my personality.  So I decided to come up with a few words that I felt best described both me and my business and then build my brand from there.  I came up with: Simple, bubbly, organic, fun.

I tend to lean towards clean lines and simple details, but also love fun colors and bubbly designs.  I don’t like to over-complicate things, but I definitely enjoy all things pretty…especially natural, organic things.  So that was a good starting place for me.  I also needed to figure out my colors.  When I first started JDE, I geared everything towards green.  I’ve always loved green and I felt like it just fit.  Well now I wanted to spice that up a bit!  I was discussing this with Wes and he just blurts out, “Teal…your favorite color is teal.”  To which I replied, “No it’s not.”  He went on to tell me that, in the 10 years he’s known me, he’s watched me pick out more things {clothes, décor, etc.} in teal than in any other color.  He said that whether I realized it or not, my favorite color is teal, sometimes with green accents.  Ha, what does he know.
Well a couple weeks later, I was searching Pinterest for some branding inspiration.  I happened across this color palette and just started swooning!
Maybe Wes was right….my colors really are teal and green.  Sometimes I think that boy knows me better than I know myself!!  I also really loved the grey and white!  It was so clean looking, but still fun and colorful.  It was exactly the look I was after!
 You know that saying "everything happens for a reason"??  Well, it's rang true a thousand times over for me.  Example: Earlier this year I met with a new JDE bride and immediately adored her.  Rosalie was the sweetest person ever and probably the easiest bride I've ever had {her wedding was just this past weekend and I can't wait to share more about it!}.  In addition to being fantastic, Rosalie is also super talented in the graphic design department. I was lucky enough to get Rosalie's designing skills involved in two of the styled shoots I coordinated this summer.  She designed the invitation suites in both the boho shoot and the coastal simplicity shoot and they were stunnnnnning.

So I got the idea to ask Rosalie to design a new logo for me and, somehow, she managed to pretty much see into my soul and nailed the branding I was going for!  Here's the wonderful new logo she designed for me, and the first part of my new branding!

I can't wait to share more soon!  Thank you Rosalie!!!  Be sure to check out her company Ro & Co Designs to see some of her incredible work!