Weekend Recap: Northern Neck Wineries

A couple weeks ago, the stars aligned and Wes and I both had a day off, without work or plans with friends.  This so rarely happens.  Usually when it does, we stay home on the couch, snuggle the puppy, open a bottle of wine, and catch up on the shows we have on the DVR.  But this time, we decided to take a quick trip to check out a few wineries we hadn’t yet visited.  We headed to the Northern Neck of Virginia, about two hours from home.  The drive, despite the drizzly weather, was absolutely beautiful!

The first stop we made was at Athena Vineyards in Heathsville.  It was so adorable.  It’s a small little building with a super cute front porch with rockers and everything.  Their wines were really yummy too!

Next up was my favorite of the day….Good Luck Cellars in Kilmarnock.  You guys….this place was gorgeous.  They have 3000 square feet of covered porch wrapping around the building which made the best spot for us to eat the big lunch I packed us.  Their wines were definitely my favorite, the staff was so nice, and it was just a perfect spot.  I can’t wait to go back.

Our last stop was at Dog & Oyster Vineyard in Irvington.  While we didn’t love the wines from here, this place was more about the experience.  We sat outside on a screened-in porch while we tasted and ate fresh oysters.  The tables were covered in oyster shells that everyone had written notes on.  And we could see the two packs of rescued beagles running around the vineyards.  On the way out, we stopped to take pictures with the 40-foot tall corkscrews that flank the entrance.

Somehow I managed to come home with only one bottle of wine from each winery.  If you know me at all, you know this is a huge success for me, as I really like wine.  I suppose I’ll also call the Like I said, this doesn’t happen often.  So we really soaked up the time to just be together and laugh at each other.  And of course, drink wine together.