Hey there! Let’s get this party started!

Just Dandy Events is a wedding coordination company based in Coastal Virginia {but we love to travel}. Our passion is helping couples to plan the wedding of their dreams and letting them enjoy every step of the process. This is meant to be one of the most exciting times in their lives together and we love playing a part in that. We’re passionate about getting to know our couples on a personal level, finding out what's most important to them, and analyzing what concerns they have for the day. Wedding days really do go by in the blink of an eye, so it's important to us that our couples get to enjoy every part of their day to the fullest. We’re in charge of all the big aspects of the wedding day, as well as the smaller details that the bride and groom shouldn't have to think about. Whether that's keeping the couple's drinks of choice filled or making sure Great Aunt Sue is comfortable with the choice of music, we take care of it so that our couples can visit with their guests and boogie on the dance floor.

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Owner & LEad Planner

Holly’s love for weddings started at an early age when she would flip through wedding magazines in the grocery store and plan a different wedding each shopping trip. She loved seeing the details come together in her head and as she got older, she realized that weddings were so much more than just the pretty dress & fairy tale ending. Today, one of her favorite things is the planning and organization that goes into putting together the perfect day for our couples.

When she’s not orchestrating beautiful weddings, she can usually be found hanging out with her guy, Wes and their dog, spending as much time outside as possible, and likely sipping a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. She loves to hike, garden, and dabble in photography whenever she can.

Furry Pal: Wyatt, the handsome English Labrador aka Boogy Butt aka Best Boy Ever

Random Holly Trivia: While she considers herself to be a bit of a girly-girl, Holly also never turns down a chance to go deer hunting or frog gigging.

Favorite part of a wedding: The toasts! She almost always ends up crying while the Best Man & Maid of Honor tell hilarious stories about the bride & groom and explain how loved they both are by their friends & family.


Senior Coordinating Assistant

Emma has been a part of the JDE Team for so long, we don’t remember what it was like without her. She used to bake wedding & special event cakes. Now, she’s happily retired and delighted when she gets to bake something special for friends & family.

When she’s not assisting with weddings, you can find Emma in government contracting land where she is the Director of Operations with a local firm that trains dogs. She loves running, hiking, walking on the bay, and anything that takes place outside. She is currently training for her first full marathon next year and is always excited to try new challenges!

Furry Pal: Theodore, the luscious tuxedo cat aka Theo aka Biggest Pain in my Booty

Random Emma Trivia: Emma is always up for an adventure. Last year she tried skydiving for the first time and had an absolute blast. She also recently had the opportunity to put on the “bite suit” to help train the dogs for work.

Favorite part of a wedding: Seeing a plan come together to make a dream come true for the couple. You don’t realize how many details go into the process, the plan B’s you troubleshoot depending on unforeseen circumstances, and the connection you make with the vendors and family. It’s rewarding knowing you helped make that dream come true for two people beginning their love story.

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Coordinating Assistant

When Paige and her husband, Joseph got married at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, they decided to break from tradition and enter the wedding ceremony together as a couple. They also walked in to Lion King’s Circle of Life, which is so completely epic. Paige is always the first one to embrace a uniqueness about each of our wedding days and we all love that about her!

When she’s not helping our couples down the aisle, Paige is the Grants Manager for Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. She helps the girls to develop healthy life skills and entrepreneurial experience, challenge themselves in outdoor adventures, and grow into women of fierce conviction.

Furry Pal: Luna, the super snugly American Labrador aka Looney Tunes aka Luna Butt

Random Paige Trivia: Paige is a first generation American, daughter of an immigrant, and the first woman in her family to have a career.

Favorite part of a wedding: The first time the couple sees each other.  Whether the couple chose to do a first look or if it's their first time spying each other coming down the aisle, it's easily the most special and genuine few minutes of the entire day.

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Coordinating Assistant

Kim is the newest member of the team, but truthfully she’s been a supporter of JDE since the very beginning. She’s listened to all of Holly’s big ideas and cheered her on every step of the way. When she moved back to Hampton Roads in 2018, Holly was excited to find that Kim was interested in joining her on wedding days. It’s been amazing having her along to take care of our sweet couples!

Kim puts her love of organization, hard work, & fun to great use at weddings, but also at her full time job as a second grade teacher. When she’s not molding young minds or helping to bustle wedding dresses, she loves spending time with her husband, James and their precious daughter, Adeline. They can usually be found walking the boardwalk, taking wagon rides around the neighborhood, and going to the Aquarium. Some of her favorite things include warm weather & sunshine, Australia, crime podcasts, and cabernet sauvignon.

Furry Pal: Rudee, the fluffy orange cat aka Ru aka Struddle

Random Kim Trivia: Kim lived in New South Wales, Australia for four years after marrying her husband. At their own wedding, they had a sand ceremony where they combined sand from both Australia and Virginia Beach.

Favorite part of a wedding: When the bride is walking down the aisle toward her groom. It’s an incredible moment shared between the two of them. The whole world could be watching but in that moment, they only see each other. It’s special & emotional & marks the beginning of their forever.



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