Just Dandy Events' Venue Wishlist

I know most brides have a wishlist for their own wedding.  They know where they want to host it, what they want their dress to look like, and what signature cocktails they want to serve to their guests.  But you may be surprised to know that most wedding planners have a wishlist too!

I've got a list of venues that I'm hoping my brides will reserve for their big day.  These three places are so gorgeous, and so different from one another.  I can't wait to share them with you!

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards - Charlottesville, VA

via: Pinterest
 First up on my wish list is Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards.  I visited Pippin Hill back in November 2014 when some girlfriends and I went to have lunch and taste some of their amazing wines.  The staff was setting up for a wedding in the Granary and I was just in awe of the space.  I stood inside the room, mouth agape, dreaming of coordinating a wedding in such a gorgeous space.  The entire venue is stunning, the backdrop of the mountains is unbelievable, and that wine is delicious.  Future JDE Brides: Please please please, someone book this venue!!

BayVue Estate - Mathews County, VA

via: Shannon Moffit Photography, Tidewater and Tulle
  Back in the beginning of the year, I made the drive to Mathews County to check out BayVue Estate.  We had a pretty interesting winter, with lots and lots of snow...so when I arrived everything was white!  And boy was it gorgeous.  But it was also easy to see how incredible of a spot it is when everything is lush and green too.  The home has so much character and charm to it, and the property is absolutely breathtaking.  I've definitely got a soft spot for a waterfront location, and this one ticks all the boxes for the kind of setting I would love for one of my sweet couples' big day!

Hermitage Museum & Gardens

via: Jen + Ashley, Tidewater and Tulle
  Ohhhh how I love the Hermitage!  This gorgeous waterfront property in the heart of Norfolk is one of the more historical venues in the area, with crazy beautiful gardens and so much to offer to the wedding industry.  I recently coordinated a first anniversary styled shoot {keep an eye out for those images!} and I must have said "I wish a JDE bride would book her wedding here!" at least 10 times.  Seriously, this place is stunning.

Ok so there you have it.  The three venues on my wedding venue wishlist.  Now....JDE Brides....help a girl out!  <3

Vendor Spotlight - Bayvue Estate

Hey there everyone!  I'm back with a new vendor spotlight for you!  This time its an incredibly beautiful and charming venue that I think you should all go check out.  Read on to learn a bit more about BayVue Estate in Mathews County, VA.

Tell us about your business:
BayVue Estate is a family-owned outdoor wedding venue located on the Mobjack Bay in Mathews County.

 What services do you offer?
Ceremony & reception packages as well as weekend packages.

How would you describe the "style" of the venue?
Coastal, vintage, waterfront

What's the most memorable event you've ever hosted and why?
My sister's wedding - What could be more special than hosting your own sister's wedding at our family venue, celebrating with all of our close family and friends.

What are your favorite types of events to host?
 Weddings, of course!

Who are your favorite vendors to work with?
Photographers, event planners, and florists - They can create different styles in one venue to capture the most beautiful memories.

Any advice for brides when planning their wedding and choosing a venue?

This is one of the most important days in your life, make sure you capture every moment possible, because days, months, years later, it will all be a blur and you want to make sure you can relive that day through photography and film.  Advice for choosing our venue - No matter what style of wedding you want, our venue can create that look.  You are not limited to just one style.  And of course, we have water!