Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Throughout the wedding planning process, you'll find yourself saying "thank you" what feels like a million times.  There are thank you notes to write for almost everyone - family and friends, vendors {see more about thanking your vendors here} and let's not forget your bridal party!

Your best friends are standing by your side on one of the most exciting days of your life, supporting you and the life you're building with your special someone.  Thanking these special people can prove to be quite the task.  But we're here to help!  Here are a few of our favorite ideas, both heartfelt and practical!

For Your Maids
- Robes/rompers/oversized dress shirts with personalized monograms: They make for adorable getting ready photos and are versatile, so your ladies will likely wear them again!
-  Accessories to complete their day-of look: Earrings, necklaces, or even vintage clutches make a practical gift that your bridesmaids can use again after the day, but also help finish off their look on the day of your wedding!  If you're having a winter wedding, consider gifting your ladies with a shawl or wrap to keep them warm...super practical and really great for portraits!
- Personalized wooden hangers for their dresses: These are a simple {and affordable} DIY gift and they look a bit fancier than the plain plastic hangers that usually come with bridesmaid dresses.  This will make for gorgeous photos of all your dresses hanging together!
- Mugs or {wine} glasses: Coffee mugs and wine glasses personalized for each of your ladies are perfect for sipping coffee or mimosas on the morning of the big day.  Adorable and useful!

David Champagne Photography
For His Men
- Watches: Talk about practical and stylish!  Watches are perfect for accessorizing and also for making sure everyone is on time!  A sturdy leather strap and/or a personalized back are guaranteed to be worn well after the wedding day.
- Fun socks: Another fun way to unify the groomsmen while playing up their hobbies/personalities is with coordinating, fun socks!  Think superhero socks with a different hero for each groomsman.  Or fun patterns in a coordinating color scheme.  These make for an awesome photo op too!
- Pocket knives and multi-tools: Practical and able to be personalized with names or initials, pocket knives or other multi-tools are perfect for every groomsman.
- Celebratory accessories: Cigars and adult beverages {think Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola} are sure to put the groomsmen in a celebratory mood.  These items are a little more adult, but add an element of fun for the guys that's sure to be appreciated.  Bonus points for personalized labels!

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Need a little more inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest board full of fun ideas to celebrate those special maids & men!

Bridal Party: Dos & Don'ts

You've been asked to play a part in your friend's wedding.  YAY!  You know all the "duties" you'll be taking on...holding the rings for the groom, carrying the bride's dress, whatever.  But here are two things that I find to be most important for an attendant to remember...stuff that isn't usually on the list of bridal parties responsibilities.

Do - 
Do be on time!  Make sure to be dressed & ready when you're supposed to.  Be prepared and have all your accessories and parts of your "outfit" with you.  A groomsman without a tie or a bridesmaid without her shoes definitely won't look great in the pictures.

Don't - 
Don't get crazy drunk at the reception.  By all means, have a great time, party with the bride and groom, and take advantage of the open bar!  But don't wind up being so unstable that you have to leave the party early or end up making a scene.  Your friend's wedding is NOT a frat party.