Cedar Hall Farms Styled Shoot

One of my favorite things to do, outside of coordinating beautiful wedding days for my clients, is helping my vendor pals put together shoots and workshops. I have some friends in this industry that have such a heart for education and I always have the best time watching them spill their knowledge and experience onto others. There's a lot of emphasis on community in the wedding industry, and I love watching my people really be about that life.

My #vendorsoulmate Liz, from Elizabeth Henson Photos, put together an invitational photography workshop last month and asked that I put together a small styled shoot for the attendees to practice on. For it being about 25 degrees all day, this was easily one of my favorite shoots ever.

You might recognize that super gorgeous couple as JDE bride and groom Julia & Justin. They just got married in October and Julia was so pumped for the opportunity to get back in her dress already!

I also got to try my hand at bouquet making. While I don't hate how it turned out, I definitely think I'll be sticking to the planning and leaving the flowers to my friends with greener thumbs.

Special thanks so the awesome vendors that helped bring all this together. You guys are amazing!!

Venue: Cedar Hall Farms  //  Cupcakes: Rachel Bakes  //  Signage & Invitations: HyHopes Natural Creations  //  Makeup: Dhalia Edwards - Elizabeth  //  Hair: Hair by Stephanie B

Ellen & Jake - Oyster Farm at Kings Creek

Oh friends!  I'm so excited to share this wedding with ya'll!  Ellen & Jake were married on October 8th at the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek in Cape Charles.  We had the prettiest Eastern Shore-inspired wedding planned and I'm beyond happy to say that, despite Hurricane Matthew trying to wreck the party, we totally pulled it off.  If you had looked at Ellen & Jake's faces, or the faces of their guests, you'd never have known there was a storm raging outside.  Everyone was so present and so happy to see these two say I Do...it gave me all the happy feels throughout the whole day.

I could go on and on about how much I loved this couple, their family and friends, and their beautiful wedding, but instead I'll let the images from Elizabeth Henson Photos speak for me.  I will say though that working with my #vendorsoulmate on a wedding is one of my favorite things in the world.  I just love how she captures our couples!

Congratulations Ellen & Jake!  I adore you both so much and loved seeing you so happy on your beautiful day!!

Also a HUGE thank you goes out to all the incredible vendors that helped to make this wedding day absolutely perfect.  We truly had a dream team on our hands that day and I love each and every one of you to pieces for making my job so much fun!

  Venue: Oyster Farm at Kings Creek  //  Coordinator: Just Dandy Events  //  Photographer: Elizabeth Henson Photos  //  Cake: Incredible Edibles  //  Florist: Seagrass Floral  //  DJ: Astro DJ  //  Hair: Beach Bridal Artistry  //  Makeup: Makeup By Kim Porter  //  Officiant: Cotton Markert

Getting to Know Elizabeth Henson

Last week, JDE intern, Lauren tagged along on an anniversary shoot with Elizabeth Henson Photos.  After filling a bubble machine, running {literally running} to grab the bouquet and being on veil duty, she sat down with Liz to ask her a few questions!

Sharon Elizabeth Photography

From Lauren: My first impression of Liz is that she's absolutely, unapologetically herself, which I LOVE.  A former art teacher, she's creative, family-oriented and loves donuts.  When she told me Duck Donuts was her chain of choice, I knew she was my kind of person!  Working with her during the photo shoot {read: carrying the veil, running down a hill to get the bouquet, fluffing a ballgown; see also: gopher} taught me a lot in just a little bit of time.  Here's what I learned:

- Liz isn't afraid to be goofy in front of her couples - especially if it means getting smiles and laughs out of them!
- She makes sure to gets a LOT of shots.  She even references couples' Pinterest boards to make sure she gets their "must have" photos.
- Liz is up for literally anything.  At our shoot, she crawled through tall grass and hid behind cattails to get the perfect shot {did I mention there were bugs everywhere?}.
- Liz always knew she wanted to pursue photography.  Ten years after graduating college with a degree in fine arts, she decided to take her photography business full time.
- Her "signature" shot involves lots of snuggling!  Instead of a specific pose, Liz gives a few cues and lets the couple work it out.  She sees what poses they fall into naturally that are also flattering.  From there, she repeats the same cues at different angles.
- She loves photographing people in love.  Her favorite shots to take are romantic shots and details with a lot of negative space {like a bouquet against a wall}.
- Liz's business went full time in three years and continues to flourish.  Her work includes weddings and couples, lifestyle and portraits.
- Her favorite part of a wedding is when the bride is getting ready.  She loves the moment when the bride steps into her gown and her parents see her for the first time.
- In addition to being a photographer, Liz is a wife and mom of two.  How does she juggle it all? She says she tries to "do the best [I] can everyday."  She forgives herself for not accomplishing the world in one day. If an e-mail goes unanswered or the laundry doesn't get folded, it's okay!

Working with Liz {amidst hot temperatures and a "neighborhood" of grasshoppers that made a home in the bride's tulle gown!} showed me what it takes to be a true professional.  Liz is knowledgeable, passionate and incredibly talented at what she does.  I can't wait to work with her again soon!  Check out her stunning work on Instagram, @elizabeth.henson and www.elizabethhensonphotos.com.

Here are just a few of the stunning pictures Liz took at the shoot!


LuLaRoe Carnival Styled Shoot

One of the very best parts about my job is that it usually doesn't feel much like a job.  Sure, there's usually work involved.  But generally the fun far outweighs that work.  For example, a couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to tag along on a photo shoot with Elizabeth Henson Photos.  Off we went to the carnival at Mt. Trashmore where we met up with LuLaRoe consultants Tatiana & Morgan, along with their ridiculously adorable daughters, Ruby & Lily.

All four ladies were dressed in LuLaRoe and I was crazy jealous of how insanely cute they looked!  We got cotton candy and popcorn, the girls played games and smiled their best smiles for some pictures, and we even rode the ferris wheel {I really am not made for these types of rides}.  I had the best time tagging along, helping to carry bags and come up with poses, and of course eat carnival food without feeling guilty {I was working after all}.

Thanks Liz for letting me tag along with ya'll!  And for snapping this hilariously embarrassing picture of me on the ferris wheel.  I don't enjoy heights and it seems that laughing till I cry is my defense mechanism.


Natalie & Tyler - March 5th

Hey friends!  I'm so excited to finally be sharing my recap of Natalie & Tyler's big day!  We had to hold off for a bit because this wedding and all it's gorgeous details were just featured over on Heart.Love.Always last week!

Natalie & Tyler booked JDE to plan & coordinate their wedding because they are dual military and didn't foresee themselves with a lot of spare time to do the planning on their own.  It was such an honor to be trusted to help bring their vision to life!

These sweethearts were married by Tyler's father at The Regency beach house in Sandbridge on a chilly day in March.  It was one of the most laid-back, beautiful, and heartfelt weddings I've ever had the pleasure of coordinating.  The wedding party and the couple's families were some of the warmest people I'd ever met and the JDE team left feeling like we had spent the day with new friends.  We had a first rate group of vendors helping to make this wedding everything Natalie & Tyler had wanted and I would give anything to go back and do it all again!  Who's up for an anniversary party?!

Another factor that made me love this wedding day so much was that the whole day was captured by my #vendorsoulmate Elizabeth Henson Photos!!  And since Heidi second shot for her, we had 3/4 of the Wolfpack there!  It was just the best day!

Photographer: Elizabeth Henson Photos  //  Venue: The Regency - Sandbridge Realty  //  Coordinator: Just Dandy Events  //  Caterer: Yummy Goodness Catering  //  DJ: DJ Taylor Haycox  //  Pianist: Mary-Victoria Voutsas  //  Cake: Unique Sweets & Accessories  //  Florist: Fluttering Flowers  //  Hair Stylist: Hair by Stephanie B  //  Makeup Artist: Dhalia Edwards  //  Chairs & Linens: Waterford Event Rentals  //  Videographer: White Flair Productions

Congratulations Natalie & Tyler!  To say we loved being a part of your beautiful day would be a huge understatement.  Thanks so much for trusting us and thank you both for your service!

Elizabeth Henson Photos: Winter 2016 Portrait Workshop

Oh I just LOVE helping my pal Liz with these portrait workshops!  It’s always great to meet and work with some new faces.  And we just have the best time doing it!  Check out the previous workshops here and here!

In January, we hopped over to the Signature at West Neck and brought along a whole group of photographers that were eager to learn some of Liz’s tips & tricks.  We had the most amazing weather for a day in January and it was so great to hang around outside with all these talented ladies!

Special thank you to our beautiful models Angie, Chynna, and Alexis!  And Shaun too!

Venue: Signature at West Neck  //  Lead Photographer: Elizabeth Henson Photos  //  Coordination: Just Dandy Events  //  Hair: Hair by Stephanie B  //  Makeup: Dhalia Edwards  //  Floral Wreath: Courtney Inghram Events  //  Jewelry: Stella & Dot by Katelyn Hadder  //  Styling: Lindsay Clauer

Just Dandy Events' Branding Shoot

I realized about 6 months ago that, when I looked at my website, none of the images reflected my brand.  They were all absolutely stunning images from insanely talented photographers of some of my favorite weddings and styled shoots.  But none of them spoke for JDE’s brand.  So I decided to try and put together a styled shoot designed completely around my colors and style.

When bringing vendors on board for the shoot, I was so choosy about who I wanted to involve.  I’ve met so many incredible vendors in the almost 5 years I’ve been in the industry.  So I knew exactly who would really see my vision for the shoot and help me bring it to life.  Thank you to each and every one of the special people that put in time and effort to make this shoot come to life.  I love you all so much!

Photography: Elizabeth Henson Photos  //  Makeup: Dhalia Edwards  //  Furniture: Water's Edge Designs  //  Sweets: Everything Emma  //  Florals: Courtney Inghram Events  //  Graphic Design: Ro & Co Designs  //  Linens & Chairs: Waterford Event Rentals  //  Handlettering: House of Flourish

Christmas Mini Sessions

One of the very best things about this job of mine is getting to meet some of the greatest couples and playing a part in such an important day of their lives.  It’s so humbling to have two people trust you to have the skill and vision to make their wedding day all that they dream.  Every single time a couple books me, I tear up.  It’s that great of a feeling.

Even more exciting is knowing that I’m gaining new friends with every new couple I book.  Not only have so many of my brides become close friends of mine, but some have also joined the wedding industry in one capacity or another and now they’re some of my favorite vendors to work with!  It's so crazy how some people come into your life.

All that to say, I’m really lucky to have the amazing couples that I do.  And I wanted to find some way to spoil them this Christmas.  I was brainstorming with Liz from Elizabeth Henson Photos back in October and we came up with the idea of hosting a Christmas mini session for each of my 2015 couples!  Julia from Water’s Edge Design came on board to help me style the whole thing at Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach.  Everyone looked so festive!  It was so much fun to catch up with each of the couples, play with their sweet puppies, and treat them to their first married Christmas pictures!


A huge thank you goes out to Liz of Elizabeth Henson Photos for taking the time to help me make this happen.  You know how much I love your pictures and I’m so thankful for you!

Julia from Water’s Edge Design….your gorgeous signs & furniture seriously made the whole thing so perfect and I just love you beyond words.  Thank you for being a part of this!
Also a big thank you goes to Mai from Mai Photography!  She tagged along for the day to take some behind the scenes pictures of the three of us while we worked and they are seriously some of my favorite shots.  Thank you Mai!!

Time to start thinking about how to spoil by 2016 couples!

Elizabeth Henson Photos' Summer Portrait Shoot

Well folks, Elizabeth Henson is at it again!!  A few weeks ago, Liz hosted another portrait shoot and rocked everyone's socks off.  You might remember when we put together the winter portrait shoot back in January and had the best time ever.  Well this one was no different!  We met new friends, gushed over the gorgeous models, and had lots of laughs together.  I'm so fortunate I have a #vendorsoulmate that includes me in these super fun events.  Thanks for letting me join ya'll Liz!  <3

Ok so here are a few of my favorite images from the shoot, courtesy of Elizabeth Henson Photos.

These ladies were seriously so much fun!

A huge thank you to the incredible vendors involved!
Venue: Adam Thoroughgood House  //  Styling: Emma from Worth the Wait  //  Make Up: Dhalia Edwards  //  Hair: Amanda & Nicole from Mystique Salon & Day Spa  //  Nails: Manis with Monica  //  Sunflowers & Watermelon: The Flip Flop Farmer

And just for fun, here are a couple behind-the-scene shots I grabbed on my phone.  This group is such a blast to hang out with and watch work.  So many talented ladies!

And of course, I love any chance I get to kick it with this sweet sweet friend of mine!  HI EMMA!!!

Carpe Diem Celebration

You may have heard recently that my #vendorsoulemate Liz made the big leap in going fulltime with Elizabeth Henson Photos.  I'm so excited for her, proud of her, and rooting for her.  Over the past year that I've known her, she's steadily grown EHP and I've been in absolute awe of how much she has continued to move forward, while motivating and coaching everyone around her to do more and be better.  All while working fulltime as a high school art teacher.  Now that she's going to be devoting all of her work energy to her photography, I just know she's going to take over the world.  I'm so fortunate to call her one of my best friends, my partner in crime, and one of my biggest influences in business.  Congratulations Liz!!

A few weeks ago, Liz asked me to help her put together a party.  This wasn't going to be a party just to celebrate Liz's big accomplishment though.  She wanted it to be a fun time for everyone that helped her get to where she is, a way to say thank you to everyone that has supported her.  Seriously, could she be any sweeter?!

So, that's what happened.  We hosted a Carpe Diem Celebration at the Signature at West Neck and had just the best time everSnapQube brought a photo booth, Astro brought music & pretty lights, Fluttering Flowers made some crazy creative centerpieces.  Signature at West Neck provided some ridiculously delicious food and drinks. Everything Emma made the most adorable and yummy cupcakes...in Liz's branding colors of course.  Our sweet and super talented friend Heidi of Heidi Calma Photography even snapped a bunch of pictures before the party really got hopping.  We also had Tatiana from LulaRoe bring some of her amazing clothes for all our guests to shop.  Julia from Water's Edge Design brought some of her gorgeous furniture pieces on which Katelyn from Stella & Dot displayed all her pretties. 
Basically, it was a big bowl of awesome.

And to top the whole thing off, our guys got to come celebrate with us too!  It's not often that they get to be a part of our big parties, etc.  But they put on their party shoes and joined us to toast to Liz and her big accomplishment.  Loved having Wes with me...he even wore a nametag that said "I <3 #justdandyevents".  Love that man!

 Dear Liz - I really am so crazy proud of you and am so excited to see how much EHP grows now that you can put so much more into it.  Thank you for always being the best sounding board for all my crazy ideas.  Thank you for motivating me and pushing me to be better.  And thank you for just being the awesome and hilarious friend that you are.  Love you!!

Liz and I are teaming up again later this week on a portrait workshop.  There's still a couple spots left if you're interested in joining in on the fun!  The last one we put together in January was such a blast and I don't think this one will disappoint.

Portrait Styled Shoot

Well folks, we did it again!  I got to team up with Elizabeth Henson Photos once again to put together a super fun day filled with beautiful models, kick-butt vendors, and some incredible photographers.  We originally planned this shoot to happen back in the beginning of December.  But some gross-tastic weather threw a wrench in those plans and we had to reschedule it for January 11th.  Sometimes I feel like things happen for a reason, and I think this was one of those things.  The day was PERFECT.  It was cold, like really cold.  But it was also gloriously beautiful!  Clear skies and an stunning sunset made the wait so worth it.

We were able to team up with my friend Maggie and use her family's property for this shoot.  If I could coordinate every one of my events on this property, I would.  It's GORGEOUS.  I'm so envious of Maggie having grown up in such a beautiful place.  Thanks again for letting us crash your place Maggie!  You're the best!

This shoot was quite a bit different from the one we did in October.  Liz wanted to put together a fun group of photographers that could get together to practice.  How awesome is that?  Ya'll may not know this, but Liz is amazing.  Not only is she a really talented photographer, but she's one of the most motivational people I've ever met.  She loves helping and teaching and coaching.  She's one of those people that is just as enthusiastic about you and your company as YOU are.  Since I met her last June, she's been one of my biggest cheerleaders and I'm so thankful for her.  Watching her come up with ideas for events like this just makes me so happy.  Ok enough sap for now...on to the shoot.

We ended up with six photographers {seven since we had one group of two!} and three models.  The photographers were broken up into 3 groups and given 30 minutes with each of the models.  The three models were given different looks.  Andrea was our athletic chic model.  She even did some fun yoga poses for us towards the end of the evening....wait till you see those pictures!  Ali was styled in a sort of winter white look.  I must have told her a hundred times that she looks just like Taylor Swift.  But really, she's so much prettier!!  And Chynna...you might recognize her from our shoot in October.  She's amazing and hilarious and I was so happy to get to hang out with her again.  She was our boho model.  And boy, did she rock it!

Ok enough babbling for now.  Here are a few of my favorite photos that Liz took.

You should definitely check out the photographers that attended the shoot.  They're all so wonderful and talented and just a whole lot of fun to be around.

A huge thank you to our AMAZING vendors:

Accessories: Worth the Wait  //  Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel  //  Make Up: Dahlia Edwards  //  Hair: Olivia at Salon Oh

Winter Styled Shoot

Happy New Year ya'll!!!  I'm hoping to make lots of big changes and work on some really exciting projects to make JDE the best it can be in 2015.  But its going to be tough to top 2014!  I'm not sure if you heard or not, but we rounded out the year with our VERY FIRST PUBLISHING!!  I'm still in shock.

On December 31st, Artfully Wed featured the winter styled shoot that Elizabeth Henson Photos and I put together back in October.  We had an absolute dream team of vendors working with us to make our first styled shoot all that it could be.  Liz & I just couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

You might recognize our models too.  I was lucky enough to coordinate with my bride from June and my bride & groom from July!  They were amazing and fun and just so dang pretty!

Here are "a few" of my favorite shots that Liz took.  And be sure to check out Artfully Wed's post to see some more!




A HUGE thank you to all the amazing vendors that helped pull this off.  You're all a dream to work with and I'm so happy to know you!

Photography: Elizabeth Henson Photos   //  Venue: Country Villa Inn & Day Spa  //  Vintage Rentals & Styling: Greenhouse Picker Sisters  //  Florals: C&J Floral Design  //  Hair Stylist: High Voltage Hair by Crystal Casey  //  Makeup Artist: Mystique Salon & Day Spa  //  Vintage Rentals: Bluebird's Garage  //  Cake: Kandy's Cakes & Pastries  //  Dress: Maya Couture on Main  //  Invitations: The Girl Tyler: Design & Photography  //  Bow Tie: Tangled Ties  //  Suspenders: Crystal Amour  //  Jewelry: Stella & Dot by Katelyn Hadder  //  Models: Steve & Nicole Hofmeister, Katelyn Hadder

JDE Brides: Katelyn

If you haven't checked out Katelyn & David's wedding.....well, you're missing out.  Their wedding was definitely one of my very favorites that I had the opportunity to coordinate this year.  Katelyn & I go way back and I was so excited that I got to be a part of her big day!  She's one of the nicest and funniest people I know.  Read on to learn a bit more about her and hear the advice she has for future brides.

Who are you and who is your husband?  Katelyn & David

How did the two of you meet?  This is always a difficult question for me to answer....David and I technically met in fourth grade and I have the yearbook to prove I was in love with him {or at least thought he was a hottie} since day one.  And yes, that documentation was shown to all our friends and family in the middle of our wedding ceremony.  We re-met on February 13, 2008.  It was our junior year at Virginia Tech and I literally showed up at his house.  It was the night before my 21st birthday, and my sorority was having a Valentine's Date party.  I went date-less since I wanted to focus on being 21 and not worry about taking care of a date.  All of David's roommates were going, so they offered to host a pre-game at their house.  I had no clue that the house we were going to was David's before I got there, but we spotted each other across the dirty frat-house basement {romantic, I know} and wound up chatting most of the night away.  The next day, I got a phone call asking me to his fraternity's date party that weekend {I'll save that story for another time...} and we have been together ever since!

How did he pop the question?  On June 8, 2013, David convinced me that he had a work event at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club that afternoon.  It was a mostly-cloudy day with some scattered thunderstorms, but he suggested we have a picnic lunch before heading over.  Since David typically hates picnics, I immediately took him up on his offer.  He took me to his special spot on the dunes of 80th street where the sun popped out and he popped the question.  David thought ahead and had a photographer there to capture every moment.  No more than 2 minutes after the photographer left, the skies opened and the rain came down.  David convinced me that the "work event" that afternoon was still happening {I blame it on the post-engagement high....I mean, who would actually do that!?}.  He took me over to the Cavalier.  We headed over to a yacht docked at the club and when I opened the door, both of our families and best friends were there to help us celebrate our engagement day!  By this time, there was not a cloud in the sky, so we cruised around the bay for the afternoon, enjoying champagne, cupcakes, and each others company.  It was the most perfect day!

What 5 words would you use to describe your wedding?  Full of love and fun!

What were your favorite/least favorite parts of wedding planning?  Favorite: Our food tasting.  Least favorite: Everything else.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?  The Ritz-Carlton Club in St. Thomas....a very generous wedding gift!

Who were your vendors?
Coordinator - Just Dandy Events
Photography - Sami Proctor Photography & Design
Second Shooter - Elizabeth Henson Photos
Ceremony - Trinity Church
Recepption - Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club
Dress - Ava Clara
Cake - Plaza Bakery
DJ - Barry McKay
Linens - Waterford Event Rentals
Flowers - Bouquets were from Norfolk Wholesale Floral, Centerpieces were DIY from Sams Club
Invitations - LesliesCardArt from Etsy
Programs - PaigesPaper on Etsy

If you could do one thing different, what would it be?  Absolutely nothing, it was perfect!

Any advice for future brides?  Don't over-think things!  I was so easy going about the whole planning process because I didn't want to spend an insane amount of money {that's impossible by the way}.  I picked my vendors, told them what I wanted, and let it go.  I kept the decorations simple since I was DIYing it.  On the day of the wedding, I was actually blown away by how incredible everything looked and I think a lot of that had to do with not being so focused on every detail being extravagant and perfect.

Behind the Scenes: Elizabeth Henson Photos Promo Video

Hey ya'll!  Remember the other day when I introduced you to Elizabeth?  So.....did you adore her like I do??  I bet you did.  Because she's awesome.

I mentioned in that post that I had the opportunity to help her coordinate the promo video she was working on for her company.  It.Was.Awesome.  Seriously it was such a great experience to see all the behind the scenes stuff with a project that big.  And it was the best feeling when Elizabeth asked me {LITTLE OL' ME!!!!} to be a part the whole thing.  Talk about a confidence boost!

Liz is planning to do a blog post soon on all the ins & outs of her promo video shoot.  And when she does, I'll be sure to share the link on my Facebook.  So keep your eyes peeled.  But in the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes photos of all the shooting she did for the video.  Enjoy!


And lastly, here's the PROMO VIDEO shot by the incredible team at The Girl Tyler!!!

Vendors Used:
Heidi Calma Photography - Behind the scenes photos
Back Bay Farms - Senior shoot location
Maya Couture - wedding dress
C&J Floral Design - bridal bouquet

Vendor Spotlight - Elizabeth Henson Photos

I met Elizabeth Henson when she was the second shooter for David & Katelyn's wedding.  We hit it off pretty much immediately.  She's fun and goofy and SO DANG GOOD at her job.  She's so enthusiastic about her work and she loves to make others feel great about theirs too.  Her attitude is totally contagious and I adore her for it.  I recently got the opportunity to help her with a very special project for her business {she launched a PROMO VIDEO for her company} and I was so thrilled to play a tiny part in the whole thing.  We've got some really fun things in the works and I can't wait to see it all play out.  In the meantime, read on to learn a bit more about Elizabeth and her company.  Also, check out her site to see more of her work.

Tell us about your business: Elizabeth Henson Photos specializes in Weddings, Couples, and Seniors.  I LOVE DIY weddings......Beach, Farms, Back Yards, lots of DIY touches like chalkboards, mason jars, and anything from etsy and pinterest!  My business is my heart, I really love it so much.  I have amazing clients.  Sometimes I can't even believe this is all real.  I'm just so grateful for all the progress my little business has made!

How long have you been operating?  My doors officially opened January of 2013.... well I don't have doors but you know what I mean :)

What areas do you serve? Hampton Roads!  I'm also willing to shoot in the Raleigh-Durham area because I can stay with my parents.  I would LOVE to expand and start shooting all over the states one day.

What services do you offer? I mentioned my specialties, but I'm always open for other fun stuff!  I love helping out other small business!  I actually also feature one a month on my blog!  I'm always open to a new project.

How would you describe your "style"? Artistic, organic, casual and fun.  I love to get really creative with light and my use of angles.  I also really love black and whites and I'm not afraid of a little grain or texture!  I am really striving towards a lifestyle and fine art approach. 

What's the most memorable event you've ever photographed? Oh my gosh, this is hard.  All of my weddings have been epic in their own way.  I have one bride that really comes to my mind though because her father passed away about a month before the wedding.  She was so brave and beautiful, and I was just in awe of her amazing family the entire day.  I think about them all the time......its hard to put in words, but its like that couple is my reminder of why this job is so important and so great.  I love people and being a photographer allows me to serve them in the most awesome way!

What are your favorite types of events to photograph? DIY Weddings!  My husband, Mark and I paid for our own wedding.  We were DIY all the way, getting married in a beach house in Sandbridge.  I can totally relate to a bride on a budget.  Our day was perfect and perfectly captured.  You can still have great photography even if you your wedding is not fancy or high end.

Who are your favorite vendors/venues to work with/at?

Back Bay Farms, Sandbridge Realty

Event Coordinator:
Just Dandy Events

Photography, Videography, Design:
The Girl Tyler... AMAZING group, they did my promo video!!!   

Amanda Hedgepeth Photography (She's my hero, my mentor, and my friend)   

Dresses by Maya Couture!  Misty Prewitt

Any advice for brides trying to choose a wedding photographer?  I understand being on a budget more than anyone, but I also know that your wedding photography is forever.   It will be all you have to show your children, grandchildren, and family members that can't make it.  There is a perfect photographer out there for every bride in all different price ranges.  And there are GOOD photographers in all price ranges.  Ask for help, there are tons of vendors in the area who are so kind and can point you to your perfect match.  Follow their blogs, follow their social media.... make sure you believe in their business.   We are all different and we love finding our perfect bride match.
 Thank you Elizabeth!!!  <3 you girl!

David & Katelyn

It's always such a great feeling when a couple chooses me to coordinate their wedding day.  It's so special to know they're trusting me to make their big day everything they've dreamed of.  But when a couple you've known for When David & Katelyn chose me as their coordinator, I was beyond thrilled.

Katelyn was my very best friend through all of middle school.  I feel like friends from that time in our lives hold a really special place in our hearts.  David went to school with the two of us as well, and seeing them together now, so in love and perfect for each other....it makes me incredibly happy for them both and their families.

Here are a few of the pictures taken by the incredibly talented Sami Proctor Photography & Design and her amazing second-shooter Elizabeth Henson Photos.  Be sure to check out Sami's blog to see even more of the shots!


Congratulations Katelyn & David!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Ceremony Venue: Trinity Church
Reception Venue: Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club
Photographer: Sami Proctor Photography & Design
Second Shooter: Elizabeth Henson Photos
Cake: Plaza Bakery
Linens: Waterford Event Rentals
DJ: Barry McKay
Florist: Norfolk Wholesale Floral
Beauty: Behind the Veil

Also, a big huge thank you to my friends Maggie & Sammie, who jumped in at the last minute to be my right hands for the day.  You girls rock and I adore you for all your hard work!