My Wolfpack

Hey ya'll!  Happy Thanksgiving week!!  And yes, I do tend to celebrate the entire week.  I'm wrapping this week up into two days and then heading out of town.  I'll be mountain-bound with Wes & Wyatt so that we can spend a few days with family, eating too much, hiking a little bit, fishing a whole lot, and playing football with the kids.  This is my favorite week of the entire year and I'm just so glad it's finally here!

But before I go off the grid, I wanted to share some of my most cherished pictures ever.  A couple weeks ago, the Wolfpack and I headed out to Smithfield to have pictures taken by Sharon Elizabeth Photography.  We were all so excited....for a few reasons.  Liz had told the rest of us a hundred times how fun Sharon is and we couldn't wait to crack up with her.  We were really looking forward to some updated headshots for each of us.  I'm so beyond happy with my new headshots from Sharon!  She had me cracking up the entire time and it was such a blast!

Most of all though, we were super pumped to get pictures of the four of us together!  All Wolfpack pictures up to this point were taken on our phones, usually at horrible angles, and not exactly something to write home about.  So we couldn't wait for Sharon to really capture our goofy friendship!

If you follow me at all, you know how much I adore my Wolfpack.  Angie, Heidi, & Liz are a constant source of support, belly laughs, and brilliant ideas.  We're constantly bouncing our crazy goals off one another and then pushing each other to accomplish them.  We're what one might call business besties but I promise we're also real life friends.  We love each others families, talk daily about normal every day stuff, and get together for wine & snacks as often as life allows.  We're always each others plus ones to vendor events and take plenty of embarrassing pictures and videos whenever we hang out.  We're each so crazy different from one another, but we completely "get" each other and our businesses.  Our friendship is one for the books and something I'm thankful for every single day.

Left to Right: Angie McPherson Photography  //  Heidi Calma Photography  //  Elizabeth Henson Photos  //  Just Dandy Events

Liz and I met while working a wedding together back in 2014.  We bonded over our vendor meals while talking about our blossoming businesses and I remember leaving the wedding thinking, "I have GOT to work with Liz again soon."  Her enthusiasm for business and helping others was just so contagious!  We planned our first styled shoot together that October and have been #vendorsoulmates ever since!

Heidi & I met when she attended Liz's workshop that was our first styled shoot.  Liz had talked about her tons before that and I was so excited to finally meet her.  She showed up, all smiles, and I knew I needed to be friends with her.  Since then, Heidi and I have worked on quite a few projects together and had the best time doing so.  Every time we get together it's constant laughing.  She's definitely the more introverted one of our group and I absolutely love how she balances us out.

Angie and I became friends while we worked together on a wedding in 2015 and since then I've tried to book as many weddings with her as possible.  Not only does she take incredible care of my couples....she also makes the wedding days so much fun!!!  I can always count on her for a quick lesson in social media or advertising and to catch up on the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder.

I can't imagine where JDE would be today without the unwavering support of these ladies.  Gosh I can't imagine where I would be!  They remind me every day to value myself and my craft, and to constantly push myself to be better and go bigger.  They're the first ones to dish out some #realtalk, telling me to stop making excuses and to "make it happen" and I love them so much for that.

Thank you so much to Sharon for these awesome pictures that totally capture our friendship.  We had the very best time being wild and inappropriate with you!!!  And to Dhalia Edwards for making us feel oh so're the bomb girlfriend!!