Vendor Spotlight - Kandy's Cakes & Pastries

Remember that styled shoot that Elizabeth Henson Photos & I shot back in October?  Well, as I've said before, we had some incredible vendors to work with for that.  We were pretty dead set on trying to keep our list of vendors to including small businesses.  And we were so very lucky to end up with the ones that we did.  The people that we worked with were the greatest ones for the job, and we made some awesome new friends in the process.

One of those amazing vendors was Kandice from Kandy's Cakes & Pastries.  She provided the beautiful cake we used in the shoot!  Read on to learn a bit more about Kandice and her awesome business.

Tell us about your business:  I operate a licensed home bakery in Portsmouth, Virginia called Kandy's Cakes & Pastries where everything is made from scratch and is baked with love.  I believe in taking the time to ensure that all ingredients used in my cakes and pastries are of great quality and taste.  At Kandy's Cakes & Pastries, our mission is to indulge you with the sweetness of our cakes and pastries and to leave a lasting taste of utter happiness with every bite.

How long have you been operating?  I have only been operating since the beginning of this year {2014} as an official business, but I've had the passion of baking since 2009 watching Cake Boss on TLC.  I began to make cakes for my family and friends and decided to make an actual business out of it, which was the greatest decision I've ever made.

What areas do you serve?  I serve all cities in Hampton Roads.

What services do you offer?  I offer weddings cakes, 3d cakes, cookies, and pastries.  I also ofer catering and delivery for the Hampton Roads area.

How would you describe your "style"?  My style is very modern.  Coming from a military background, I was always taught to stay in line and follow the rules and that kind of stuck with me.  Going forward, my cakes and pastries are always uniformed, neat, and consistent.

What's the most memorable event you've ever worked?  I would have to say the EHP/JDE Styled Shoot event because everyone involved got the change to become published on Artfully Wed!  I've never had any of my cake designs published before, and this was a great accomplishment for my business.

What are your favorite types of events to work?  Since my business is fairly new {officially official in May of this year}, I've only had the chance to work two events.  One was the EHP/JDE Styled Shoot event and the other was for a Biker's Fashion Show with other vendors attending.  These events are my favorite events so far, because I was able to meet different vendors {some selling similar products}, potential customers, and I was able to network with the individuals that attended.

Any advice for brides trying to choose a baker?  The advice I would give to a bride would be to get to know your baker well.  If you have a vision and want a certain type of cake with specific designs, make sure you clearly explain this to your baker.  Have your baker sketch your cake before you go any further.  Be sure to schedule a cake tasting.  Even if the baker is the best in your area, their cakes may not be what you are looking for for your special day.

Thanks so much for introducing yourself Kandice!!!  It was such a pleasure working with you on the EHP/JDE Styled Shoot and I hope to work with you again!  Everyone be sure to check out Kandice's website and learn more about her business!!!