Registries're engaged.  And you're looking at all the "You're engaged...Now what" lists.  And on all of them it mentions that you should start registering for gifts.  This should be a super exciting thing to do, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming.  How do you choose the right registry for you and your fiance?

Obviously you should go with an outlet that has products the two of you need and want.  That part is a no-brainer for sure.  You should also make sure to register somewhere that has items in multiple price brackets for your guests.  Some guests {say your grandparents} may be ready to spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding gift, while other guests would rather purchase something a little less pricey.  So be sure to consider that as well.

Another really important thing to consider when choosing your store is the INCENTIVES.  Did you know that most stores now offer deals, rewards, and even free stuff if you register with them?'s true and it's awesome.

So I want to make sure that you and your fiance go into this step of wedding planning with as much knowledge as possible. Here's a little information about three of my personal favorite registries and the great incentive programs they offer.

Macy's has some incredibly awesome stuff for the home.  Like....REALLY awesome stuff.  And that's exciting.  But what's even more exciting is the rewards program they have set in place to go along with the things purchased on your registry.  Basically, you get 5% rewards on any of the eligible gifts that are purchased for you from your registry.  For example, if someone buys you a silverware set that you registered for, and that silverware set costs $200.  Macy's gives you {on a gift card after your registry has closed} $10 rewards.  If you think about it, that could add up very quickly at the end of your wedding.  And then you have a fat gift card to spend on whatever you want!

Bed Bath & Beyond:
Do you like free stuff?  Because if you don't, I don't think we can be friends.  I'm just kidding, not really.  Free stuff is AWESOME.  And since you're likely spending a decent chunk of money on your wedding, you might as well get as much free stuff out of it as possible!  The registry at BB&B is seriously wonderful.  They offer the "If you get get this free" sort of incentive.  For example, if you register & receive $500 of Lenox, you'll also receive a Lenox decanter for free.  Or if you receive $300 of Corelle dinnerware, you'll also get a free Corelle platter.  Again, I say, Free Stuff Is Awesome.

By nature, I'm a Target lover.  I am woman, charge my REDCard.  I'm fairly certain I've never walked out of a Target empty-handed...ever.  It's just impossible to walk in those doors and not find at least one thing you haaaaaave to have.  One thing that I absolutely adore about Target in general is their return policy.  It's basically the easiest system EVER.  They never ask questions!  I mean, they might ask if the item is broken or something.  But they never give you a hard time for returning anything.  For someone like me who gets a bit of anxiety when trying to return things, this is a huge breathe of fresh air.  I love it.  Their registry is just as simple and awesome.  They have hundreds of things you'll want to scan with your little gun.  And there's a chance there will be things left unpurchased after the wedding has come and gone.  The great incentive that Target has is this: They let you pick a day, after your wedding has passed, for you to purchase anything left on your registry for....are you ready??  15% OFF!  That's a big deal!  Take advantage of it!

My last word of advice about registering for your wedding gifts: Do it as a couple.  If you're anything like me, you probably avoid department stores with your guy.  Mine tends to get side-tracked really's like trying to reign in a 10-year-old in Toys'R'Us....every time, no matter where we go.  So I get it.  But these gifts are going to be for the BOTH of you.  So let him have a say.  Also, let him do the scanning.  There are only a handful of things on the "Wedding To-Do" list that really get the guys excited like we get over flowers & stationary.  So let him have this one thing.  He'll feel like he's playing laser tag {again....10-year-old}, and he'll leave happy.  After all, you love him and like making him happy, right?

Happy Registering!!!