Personal: DC Friendiversary

Happy February friends!!!  I can't believe we're already over a month into 2015.  CRAZINESS!  So far, this year is off to a great start.  Lots of fun, lots of planning for future projects.  I've got a couple styled shoots in the works, as well as some moves towards making JDE more than a part-time job.  Wes & I decided to get a puppy...he'll be here in less than two weeks!  {I apologize in advance for all the pictures I'll be posting}  And I got to go on a weekend getaway with my best friend just last weekend!

Ali & I met in the third grade and have been best friends ever since.  Some people would say we're complete opposites, and in most ways they'd be right.  But she's totally my person and I love that we've stayed so close since that first recess.  It had been a long time {about six years I think} since we had taken a trip just the two of us.  So we figured our "20th friendiversary" was a great excuse for a weekend in DC.  20 years....good lord, we're getting old.

We stayed in a hotel far too fancy for us, visited a few museums, ate way too much, had some cocktails, and took a lot of selfies.  To say the weekend was a success would be an understatement.  Here are a few pictures from our cell phones.  :)

We discovered Uber while we were in the city.  GREATEST THING EVER.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
On our way home.  We conquered the Metro!

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend Ali!  Love you to pieces and can't wait for our next trip together!