Save vs. Splurge: Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hey ya'll!  Are you or your BFF planning a last fling before the ring?  If so, check out some of these bachelorette party ideas for every bride and budget!

For the Foodie Bride
Save: Host your very own Bubbles & Butter party!  This party includes sweet treat decorating and tasting, coupled with cocktails for each dessert pairing!  Email to find out more about how to host your very own sweet soiree!
Splurge: Map out some of the bride's favorite local eateries {restaurants, bars, food trucks, etc.}, pile the girls in the car and enjoy indulging at each location!  Apps & cocktails at one, dinner at the next, then dessert at a third?  Sounds like the best kind of evening!

Andrew & Tianna Photography

 For the Active Bride
Save: Get the endorphins going with a private group class at your local Purre Barre or other dance studio.
Splurge: Go Ape! in Williamsburg at a ropes course, perfect for the adventurous group of gals!

For the Creative Bride
Save: Host your very own paint night at home!  Find a picture, grab some paints & canvases, and brush up on your paint skills!  Don't forget the music and snacks {and cocktails}!
Splurge: Choose a local Paint Night event in your area, arrange a limo to pick up the bridal party, and paint the town {and canvases}!

For the Stressed Out Bride
Save: Create a spa oasis in your home for the bride and the rest of the maids.  Grab the clay masks, nail polish, and relaxing music and don your favorite cozy robe for a night of pampering.
Splurge: Book mani/pedis, facials, and massages for the bridal party.  Bonus points if you include bubbly!

Angie McPherson Photography
 For the Spontaneous Bride
Save: Go on a weekend adventure exploring a city nearby - think DC, Charlottesville, Richmond, or the Outer Banks!
Splurge: Have the bride pick a city - Myrtle Beach, New York, maybe even Cancun - and spend a few days exploring with the ladies!

What other ideas have you tried for a unique bachelorette party experience?  I'd love to hear them!